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Enter our developer contest: prizes worth a total of £2,800 are up for grabs! Complete this form to enter

We’re looking for developers interested in transport to build fun, useful and innovative applications using data from our information hub. So we’ve launched a contest to encourage developers to access our hub, with a winning cash prize of £750 and a runner-up cash prize of £250. In addition, the winning team will receive two free tickets, worth £1,800, to The Personal Information Economy event in London. Access to the hub, and entry into the contest, is free. We’re keen to see submissions from students at school and university, from independent developers, and from companies.

A short award ceremony will be held at The Personal Information Economy Event, Glaziers Hall, London on Thursday 20th March.


Monday 20th January Contest launch
Sunday 9th February Request feedback from us (optional)
Monday 10th February Entry form launches
Sunday 9th March Submission deadline
Thursday 20th March Winner announced

How do I enter?

Register your interest in the competition by signing up at the portal. We’ll provide you with occasional notifications of new data sources as they become available and send you service announcements about the hub.

Please complete the contest web form to enter the competition. Successful submissions will need to include either:

  • a URL to a video of at most two minutes duration which introduces their idea and provides a demo, or
  • a URL to a PDF containing at most six slides describing the idea and a URL to a webpage containing a live demo.

URLs must be publicly accessible and available from the submission deadline for at least 120 days, and it must be in a format suitable for playback inside modern web browsers. For videos, we recommend the use of YouTube or a similar online service.

Ideas for applications

Some Stride project foundation participants have suggested potential ideas for applications. These are just suggestions, so don’t feel constrained by them, but they might get you thinking. Check back regularly as we will be updating this list as new ideas come in.

  • Turners Haulage want to minimise additional journey time and distance needed when refueling. Can you help? More detail…
  • Coach companies want to keep their passengers informed of updated departure and arrival times. Any ideas? More detail…


Terms and conditions

  1. Entrants can be from anywhere in the world and may be an individual, a group of individuals, or a company. Entrants must make use of at least one resource from the Stride Project Information Hub in their submission.
  2. Entrants may enter the competition by completing the contest web form. We require entrants to complete a short questionnaire and to provide a contact name, affiliation (if any) and application name. All applications must provide either (i) a publicly accessible URL containing a video clip of at most two minutes duration, or (ii) a demo which runs in a modern web browser together with a URL to a PDF (or similar) containing at most six slides. URLs must be publicly accessible and available from the submission deadline for at least 120 days, and it must be in a format suitable for playback inside modern web browsers. For videos, we recommend the use of YouTube or a similar online service.
  3. The closing date of the competition is midnight GMT on Sunday 9th March.
  4. The best overall entry will receive a prize of £750 and one runner-up prize of £250.
  5. The Stride Project Team will draw up a shortlist of strong entries. A panel of external judges will decide on the winner and runner-up.
  6. The external judges will assess all applications and award a score out of ten for three categories: utility, innovation and execution. The overall score of each submission across these three categories will be used to rank submissions.
  7. The judges may take into consideration the age and experience of the entrants as well as the size of the team when deciding on the winners.
  8. The judges may decide not to award some or all of the prizes if no entries are deemed to be of sufficient quality.
  9. Submitted videos will be considered public contributions and therefore the Stride Project Team reserves the right to publish or advertise any of the submitted applications by linking to these videos or summarizing the ideas contain within them. Attribution will be given in all such cases.
  10. The Stride Project makes no claim over any intellectual property rights in the ideas, software or content developed during the competition.
  11. The Stride Project Team’s interpretation of the rules and the judges’ selection of the winner and runner-up are final.
  12. Entrants may not be members of the Stride Project Team or act as judges.
  13. The terms and conditions may be modified at any time. The latest version of the terms and conditions will be displayed on the Stride Project website with a last modified date. If you wish to be notified of any changes, please email


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